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In 2018, people at SAJ ADV - a Legal Software Company within SoftPlan - asked me to redesign their marketing website. The project goals were to make it more visually modern and to build a foundation for continuous optimization, migrating the static website to a Wordpress structure.

The first step was to redesign the conversion landing page, a more simple task that allowed me to start with the new visual identity definitions, create the first styleguide elements and get used to the website infrastrucure I was going to work on. Check the first version of this page below.

After this first delivery, my next mission was the redesign of the product website. I tried my best to wrap all of my experience with the RD Station website and apply it in this project, so I decided to take action understanding the problem before trying to solve it. I did that through an Analytics research and heuristic analysis, that granted me a vision of how the users were behaving and what they were looking for on the website pages.

That insights evolved into the development and validation of wireframes, a style guide, and some documentation on possible next conversion optimization experiments.

In the images below, you can see a glimpse of the heuristic and conceptual analysis I did in the previous website and the first version of the new home page wireframe.

With better context, the next step was to apply the visual identity to the new wireframes and develop the new website - which also involved a lot of frontend design effort. The final result was a new website that delivered a fresh visual identity, a more robust code structure and an increase in conversion results.

Check the before x after of the home page below.

This project is an example of how my design approach when working with my clients. Want to know more about my work?

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