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RD Summit is the biggest marketing and sales event in Latin America, that yearly welcomes thousands of attendees in Florianópolis, Brazil. In 2018, me and my colleague Guilherme Pacheco were responsible to define its branding strategy and create its visual identity, website, marketing assets and event swag.

We were focused on this project for almost all of 2018, to prepare everything needed to inform the public about the event, it’s speakers and attractions, sell 12 thousand tickets and empower coworkers and suppliers with the visual aids to make RD Summit happen.

It happened, as you can see in the picture below, taken by Eduardo Pacheco, and it was amazing.

We started the process with a group dynamic to fill a Branding Model Canvas - that Guilherme adapted to better fit our company’s needs - with some people of marketing and events teams. This helped us to define not only the concept of the visual identity we would create, but also the foundational aspects behind RD Summit’s branding message.

Based on everything we have collected, and with the understanding that RD Summit is a trendsetter in the brazilian convention market, we collected references trying to look 5 years ahead and created a visual identity that intended to be one step further in the visual trends for our segment.

Check below some of the assets created by us and our teammates.

The website was a challenge by itself: we had to translate the kinda modern retro visual identity we created to the digital medium, and I was responsible for the frontend development of it and also paired with Guilherme to design the UX and UI.

You can check a little bit of the result below.

Working on this project made me learn and develop way more than I can explain in this article. Let me know if you want to talk more about it:

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